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My ideal home December 31, 1969

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Houses are important for our lives. You probably need your dream house to live comfortably. If you could have a new house, what conditions do you need for it to be ideal? Where do you want to build it? What (style, size, shape, color, and so on) do you like? How many floors do you want? How many bedrooms do you want? Do you want a garden, pool, garage, and so on? Who do you want to live with?

Probably you’ll be thinking that mine is something impossible and, hopefully, unique but this is my ideal one and for me nothing is impossible.

I ended up in a totally in a unique architecture than the years before which made it very difficult but also very interesting in my opinion. I tried do make an appearance that was not only about an ideal but also reacted on the actual lifestyle of mine, the surrounding, the fairground.

My ideal house is an ongoing experiment, like a laboratory continuously under construction. It’s a space dealing not with the glamour of comfortable living but with the luxury of uncertainty and imagination. Birds do not occupy a tree; this house is about choosing not to have and not to make my house a fixed and closed entity. My surroundings are my house, my space is my tree and my house is my nest.

My house is without walls; a construction in which no design can


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