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Top 5 Funny “The Office”Moments December 31, 1969

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Whee! The Office is back! After being one of the first shows to get shut down because of the Writer’s Strike. Last week, something amazing happened: post-strike eps began airing, and all was right with the world!

Just to recap how The Office is one of the sharpest, funniest shows around, here are some “Top” Office moments from season 1. (And why I haven’t stopped shooting my dinner out from my ears from laughing since)

Dwight proudly showing off his “man-purse” – From season 1, with Jim’s pep-talk, Dwight approaches the purse salesgirl (Amy Adams) and tells him that his exit would be buying a purse. Guess what. (Oh, by the way, I never did get what Dwight was trying to do when he was trying to fit his shoe in a bag.)

Pam kisses Jim – From the “Dundies” episode, there were hints from the earlier season that these two have a thing for each other, (no one could’ve guessed they would take over as the central romance of the show!) and it was such a treat to fans to finally see them kiss. (Though, Pam was intoxicated at the time, while Jim was grinning after.)

The Dwight Bobblehead – In the Valentine’s Day episode, Dwight receives a present from a secret admirer (Angela, whom he was secretly dating) and what was inside the box? A bobblehead of Dwight. This was so popular, that they actually made one for The Office merchandise!

Michael Kisses an Outed-Oscar – After offending Oscar by homosexual jokes, Michael gives a seminar on accepting homosexuality and how it doesn’t affect the workplace. He exercises his comfort by … giving a smooch — right in the kisser! (According to Jenna Fischer’s MySpace blog, that kiss was improvised, and the shock from the cast was actually real. Brilliant!)

Michael and Dwight “Hug it out” – After a brief mention of the show Entourage at the beginning of the episode, it seemed like there was no way that Michael Scott was going to forgive the coup attempt of Dwight … until he says the famous line, “let’s hug it out, b***h.”

Those are just from some of my favorite episodes. And within the week, I’ll be catching a new one. What about you guys (any Office viewers out there?) what are your favorite moments from the show?


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