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Stuff you should never ever bring to a Caribbean cruise January 29, 2008

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Thanks to the movie Titanic, going on a cruise, or a Carribean cruise to be specific has never been so romantic and at the same time tragic.

Although Rose and Jack weren’t really on a cruise per se, the long travel at sea with nothing to view but the blue ocean and nothing to hear but the sound of the waves, makes getting on a cruise really be appealing.

But some degree of tragedy can also happen if you board unprepared or brought the unnecessary things. Have been to a cruise only twice, not proclaiming myself as an expert, but as what I have observed, there are things that aren’t necessary to pack before going on a Caribbean cruise.

  • Hairdryers

Reason: it’s already provided at the cabins. This was my mistake when I first went on a Carribean cruise. What made it worst was I brought bulky hairdryer which took a lot of space in my luggage.

  • Shavers

This one’s for the guys. Again, this is already provided in the ship so it is senseless to bring one as well. Also, it’s the high-end brands that are provided so, it’s a waste if you won’t use them.

  • Mobile phone

I remember I brought mine and it virtually became useless as the signal was non-existent during the cruise. Yes, even if your phone has a roaming capability. But the good thing is cruise ships have an ample number of phone booths and they will give you their number beforehand so you can give the contact number to your loved ones. An operator will connect the calls directly to you. The calls will be charged to your credit cards.

  • Flammable objects

As the cruise ships use tons and tons of gas, any flammable material would deem risky to use.

  • Pets

Well, this is a sad one. Most established cruise lines do not permit boarding animals. If you know a cruise ship that does allow, let me know.:) I want to take my beloved yorkshire, Soothie to my next cruise.

  • Non-commercial drugs or supplements

If you’re taking a prescription medicine that it is not commercially known, better take with you the doctor’s endorsement.

But don’t let these what-not-to-bring items hinder you from enjoying a Carribean cruise or whatever cruise for the matter. Most important thing is to have a checklist that contains your documents and consult with the cruise line on the thing that they allow and do no permit on board.


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