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Safety tips for women travelling solo February 14, 2008

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Solitary travelling implicates more risks than travelling in groups. More so if a woman goes on her own in a foreign place she has never been before.

But the joy of being in solitude gives one a lot of time to reflect, to know what they truly want and just to chill out with having to think of someone else’s well-being. I know, it sounds selfish but it’s just a way of loving yourself more. It’s like one of those centuries-old love philosophy, you have to love yourself first before other love you.

And a woman travelling solo has all the time to pamper herself. But face it, the world isn’t as safe as it was compared to a decade ago. Though women are more empowered now, there are still people who look at women as dependent and fragile being who’ll cry on a broken nail. Here are some ways to be safe for women travelling solo.

1. Travel when the sun’s up – it is safer to travel when the sun is up and more people are on the streets. there are more places that are best to see during the day.

2. Dress appropriately and properly – this hold true when you’re going to a conservative place and people practice a conservative lifestyle. When in Rome, do what the Romans do, right? Besides, you don’t want to draw negative attention because of what you wear.

3. Always stuff a flashlight in your backpack – this is in case you have night adventures. Also, never forget to bring extra batteries.

4. Let someone close to you know your itinerary – your family and friends are the most convenient people to leave your whereabouts in case something comes up.

5. Do research of the place and avoid promiscuous places – don’t need to stress this one.

6. Know when to tag along other women travellers – there’s safety in groups.

7. Appear and feel confident – this is your best offense and defense. If you feel that you’re somewhat lost, then don’t appear too helpless but be brave enough to ask for directions.

The most important thing is to be prepared on the road. Empower yourself with the tools to protect yourself and the knowledge of the places you’ll be going to by yourself.


One Response to “Safety tips for women travelling solo”

  1. CheapOair Says:

    I think these are valuable suggestions…….

    Women needs to be aware of the Location where they are traveling..as knowing the place make the complete journey hassle free.

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