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5 things to know for non-millionaires before buying an island February 18, 2008

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You don’t have to be filthy rich like Richard Branson or Mel Gibson to own your island, or at least to KNOW what to look in an island before buying it.108298-gal-lrg-01.jpg

An island broker from Coldwell Banker Private Islands made a remark that he sold three islands in a country located in Southeast Asia for less than $200,000 to an American restaurant critic. Now, isn’t that a ray of hope?

So, have made a checklist for those who are eyeing islands:

1. Make sure that the island is not too far from the main land or other neighboring populated islands.

Getting an island implies that you love to be in solitary. But then, being too cut off from the signs of civilization can be pretty difficult as to getting assistance during emergency situations.

2. Secure that the property ownership is clearly specified and documented with the country’s land registry office.

Alway check that the island you’re eyeing actually belongs to that country and is available to be owned. Make sure all the legal matters are sealed.

3. Check if there is safe, drinking water available on the island.

Observe if there is a desalination plant or at least water tanks that can store a good amount of water supply. Or if you can afford more, build one.

4. Make a research if the island is open to development.

Island life can be pretty simple, but you need to have the basic necessities such as electricity. So, before buying one, make sure you can install electricity for a reliable supply.

5. Gain knowledge if the host country is politically stable.

If the political state of the country where the island is located is stable, then you will not encounter any problems in living in that island. You’re going to live in that island, or at least stay there once in a while, right? That’s why you want to buy it.

You might say that buying an island is a waste of money for there are more important things in this world to spend on like putting up houses for the homeless. But maybe you can use that island you bought to give shelters to those who have no roofs above their heads as well.


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