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Secrets of the 12 American Idol Finalists March 14, 2008


As American Idol glitters into its seventh season, the cultural craze just gets more complex. With the Hollywood writers’ strike wiping out scripted prime-time programming, the reality series may be an even greater ratings juggernaut than in the past seasons. On the other side, the idols are showing how famous and talented they are. Considering their talent, idols still have weird and odd secrets that were revealed. Here are some!





Amanda Overmyer

American Idol, Amanda Overmyer revealed that the worst thing that happened in her life was when she was pleaded guilty to DUI back in October 2006 near her hometown of Mulberry, In. She received a suspended sentence of 60 days and was placed on 180 days probation, which ended in August 2007.

Brooke White

Brooke White told and revealed to us that her most embarrassing moment was when she was in the church and she hugged the wrong person! “That was really embarrassing! I thought he was my dad! But he wasn’t! All I’m doing was pleading and telling him to go home because I was hungry and when he looked back, he wasn’t my dad! Haha, too embarrassing.”

Carly Smithson

When we asked Carly about her secrets of winning, she just simply told us, “Try to be a good person to others, to be well-traveled and educated, and make Ireland proud”.

Chikezie Eze

Chikezie told us that he had a favorite comfort room in high school, but he only found out it was a women’s comfort room when one day the door was closed! His secret in winning is he totally stole his entire performance from Elliott Yamin.


David Archuleta

David told us about his feelings in American Idol and here it is! “I’ve definitely feel like there are things that can happen this year. And the show just opened so many doors for me and even if it’s not winning American Idol, you know that’s what I’m hoping for, but even more just hoping that I will be able to make a career.”

David Cook

“I guess I should not say my secret!” said David, but we pleaded him to say his secret and he told us that word “Nerd!”

David Hernandez

His secret: “in the 80s, I spent a bit of time as Mary Lou Retton.”

Jason Castro

According to him, his recipe of winning is he hates doing interviews, basically anything that is not music stuff.

Kristy Lee Cook

Surprising us and probably you too! Kristy told us that her horse saved her life twice!

Michael Johns

Michael told us that his secret of winning is he’s a bit of a jock. Sometimes just to take his mind off everything he play a sport. His sport is killing hobos.

Ramiele Malubay

If I don’t become the next American Idol, I don’t think I’m going to get all discouraged or anything like, “Oh no, I’m never going to sing again.” I mean like, of course it’s a big experience, you learn all this until the point you get taken off and you just take what you’ve learned and learn from it. I’m probably going to go back to school for nursing ’cause I had to stop.”

Syesha Mercado

One of the secrets that Syesha is keeping is when she was in high school and she was overcoming a house fire! This story makes her cry every time she is telling it.



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