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Top 10 Most Beautiful Women In The World March 25, 2008

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Try to think over the past seconds, minutes, days, weeks, month and even a year! Which women really made your underwear fall? Many women continue to make our hearts skip a beat, year after year.

With absolutely so many beautiful women in this world, only a selected few have something special that make them stand and rise above the rest. It’s often magical and fantastic and that you can always have a tongue out of your mouth.

Over the past month, I have been looking on the internet for the most luxurious and priceless faces from far off places of the world (i didn’t have to look very far).

I based my rankings largely on the tremendous amount of searched faces, searchers, and opinions and comments from all.

Some of my selections will receive a whole-hearted compliance, others may come as a surprise, but no doubt you’ll enjoy knowing them as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Top 10 – Cindy Crawford

She never goes out of style, after all these years she still remains a sex symbol for the fashion world.

Top 9 – Elizabeth Hurley

The ultimate forgiving girlfriend is also the ultimate woman. Her sex appeal and charisma is what sets her apart.

Top 8 – Maria Grazia Cucinotta

Representing everything that is good about Italia, Maria makes us want to be a better man.

Top 7 – Angie Everhart

She is the best looking redhead to come along since Rita Hayworth. How could Sly Stallone dump such a beauty?

Top 6 – Elsa Benitez

Can she make a more beautiful girlfriend, or what? She epitomizes sophistication as much as a woman can.

Top 5 – Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine, more than any other actress in a long time, has entrapped what it means to be a glamorous movie star.

Top 4 – Heidi Klum

We are always at a loss of words when coming to the topic of Heidi Klum. What can we possibly say that you don’t know already? That she likes German sausages?

Top 3 – Elle McPherson

The Australian beauty more than any other, captures the essence of being a super model. We know we can look, but we can never touch…

Top 2 – Pamela Anderson Lee

Aside from the bombardment of e-mails from fans, no one can deny that Miss Pamela is as deserving of such a high honor as anybody, being one of the most downloaded women ever.

Top 1 – Laetitia Casta

Why? Really, do we have to answer? Just look at the picture, it speaks a thousand words. Laetitia is like a gift from God, someone that we should praise for capturing the hearts of so many men.


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    4 Responses to “Top 10 Most Beautiful Women In The World”

    1. Sarah Says:

      What about Faith Hill? She is stunning really. Much better than pam anderson.

    2. Troya Says:

      Faith Hill…yes.
      Charlize Theron is another woman that looks nice from certain angles.
      I’ve never thought of Pam Anderson as pretty.

    3. dacostad Says:

      It just goes to show that beauty is definately in the eye of the beholder. Women have it easy – we do. Even if we aren’t beautiful, we can land a man (I mean what other purpose would it serve? ) – men on the other hand… not so much… lol

    4. Angel Eyez Says:

      Can we get a black chick on the list???

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