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3 Things About Traveling I Can Live Without April 14, 2008

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Going places is nice, but all good sides have a downside. We all know the drill: part of having a good time is having a downtime. So, without further ado, here are the 3 things about traveling I can live without.

1. Jet Lag – I’m sure everyone knows this. You step out of a plane, ten time zones away, it’s really bright out, but you feel like lying down and sleeping! Jet lag is caused by your body not being used to the day and night cycles in other time zones. Your body thinks the time is 11pm when it’s actually 1pm. Planes aren’t really the most comfy place to sleep in, which compounds the problem.

Not traveling by plane is a solution, but we can’t really do that. Experts have said that exposing yourself to light after you arrive can help fight sleepiness and lets your body become more used to the new time zone. Flying eastward also gives more jetlag, so take a western route if it’s possible. Taking melatonin tablets (with a prescription) to force yourself to sleep en route to wake up fresh is said to work for some people.

Many just tell you to sleep off the jet lag, and a day or two later you’re as good as new!

2. Delays – This happens in flights more than anything, but alsoflight delay happens in ships too. Your perfectly planned trip is ruined by a circumstance you can’t control, and you’re forced to cut the vacation short because you need to be at work on Monday. Pay attention to the arrival and departure boards in an airport. Call in advance to see if your flight or cruise trip is facing a problem. Book tickets months in advance, to ensure that you are on that seat. Make sure your luggage is readily inspected.

This also applies to road trips. Be well-prepared. Call whoever’s coming along to be sure they’ll be there. Double-check that you have everything to avoid last-minute flashes of “Oh, I forgot something!” Check if any roads are obstructed and if there are any detours. For that matter, plot out the best route. You’ll get there in no time!

3. Tourists – Okay, you’re a tourist yourself. What I’m talking about is the ‘tourist’, the type who snaps touristspictures of every single little thing, stopping the tour guide every few seconds to take said snapshot, or buy from a local stall, annoying the locals by asking all of them to pose or do something, or asking them to take their picture (and complain when the camera gets stolen). And let’s not forget the ones who keep complaining all the time.

You’re smarter than that. Don’t get in other people’s way, disturb only who you need to disturb. If you’re a group with a tour guide, just take note of the places you want to come back to later. Control your camera…and the eye-searing flash. Plus, most important of all, know when to stay quiet.

How about you? What do you hate most about traveling?


is he the RIGHT one for me? April 9, 2008

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Facing the reality with this generation, there are now more single, divorced, widowed women then there married ones. Perhaps you have been dating a man who seems to have a good outlook, a hot outfits and a great personality. You keep on wondering & wanting to seek relationship advice. “Is he really the right man for me?” it’s a question that woman have been asking for ages. So here are few guidelines that might help you.

1. Is he responsible when handling conflicts?

Communication plays an important role to a successful relationship. Showing signs of withdrawing, pouting, or becomes angry when a conflict arises is a major sign of emotional immaturity. Blaming is NOT an essential also to a successful relationship; both partners need to address their problems by sharing their emotions and opinions.

2. Is your man dependable?

A man should be considerate. You should be able to know that he stands by his word & you can trust him to be there when he says he is.

3. He should know what is valuable.

If you are with a man who doesn’t cherish your love, and is only concerned with his own happiness, you should be worried! He should be willing to go beyond his own self interests. A successful relationship is maintained by both the partners by respecting & honoring their love by committing to each other’s best interests.


10 tips to stay pretty April 4, 2008

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so they say and how very true are those words that are spoken. People see beauty in different ways, and that is just as well as we would all be fighting over the same man or woman let alone dress the same and every home be duplicated in décor. It can have so many meanings and representations. Yes we all love the idea of looking beautiful twenty four hours a day but in some unfortunate cases where you have the busy mother or people who are committed to other things that take up so much of their time. So they may find it a struggle to look their best at all times. So here are some tips to stay pretty:

          Drink Water. The more you keep your body hydrated the longer your skin stays elastic and supple. Your inside will be happy and pretty as well. Be less likely to hold on to water weight due to “water feminine” just like your body adjusts and slows down your metabolism for “calorie famine” when you severely cut back on eating.

           Stay Physically Active. You don’t have to go to the gym more to stay fit, you just need to keep moving and participate in activities that involve movement like dancing, kayaking, or dog walking. As we get older, we tend to sit more thus minimizing opportunities to burn calories and keep the muscles active. Joining activities that involve groups of people can also help you make new friends or make you feel like you belong to a group which leads to better overall happiness.


           Avoid sun. Do travel but bathing in the sun for hours and days will only increase the rate at which your skin wrinkles, shows spots, and mature faster than your actual age.

Practice a healthy life style. Eat a proper, well-balanced diet. Food that’s good for your body helps your internal organs function properly and shows on the outside as well. The trick is to read the labels carefully and eat healthy foods with minimal preservatives. Good nutrition is the key to your outward appearance.


            Reduce stress. Become aware of the facial expressions you often make when stressed-out. If you raise your eyebrows often, you could very well end up with permanent wrinkles on your forehead. If you squint because you don’t understand something, lines between your brows may become evident. Don’t expect to live without facial expressions, they’re part of you. What you can do is be aware of those expressions you make when nobody is looking. Replace those with something else, such as fidgeting and ease up on your face.

            Wear Make-ups naturally. If you wish to wear makeup, choose only the best cosmetics brushes and beauty tools to enhance your finest features and cover flaws. This allows you to apply only the amount that is needed while blending in any excess color. Apply a tinted moisturizer or sheer foundation with a damp sponge. Either one will allow your natural skin tone to show through while covering minor imperfections. Cream or liquid blush blends more naturally than powder. Apply to the apple of your cheeks, outwards, into your hairline to prevent makeup lines. Don’t want to overdo your eyes? You can now enhance your own eyelashes without adding clumps or colors. New, clear mascara is available to separate your lashes and give them luster and shine.

Have enough sleep. The human body is in a constant state of renewal, both inside and outside. That renewal, and repair, goes on 24 hours a day, but while you are asleep there are no distractions of activity, and no exhausting demands. Your immune system is able to work unhindered while you are asleep, keeping you at the peak of health. If you are at the peak of health, your natural beauty lasts longer. You really do need your beauty sleep; that is one of the wisest and most accurate sayings of all time. People’s needs vary, but 7 or 8 hours uninterrupted sleep is probably what you need for peek health.

Eat Healthy. Our bodies don’t need the high-calorie foods we ate in our youth. Metabolism slows down as years pass, so it’s time to eat healthy and keep indulgences to a minimum. Your skin, hair and nails will not only look healthier, you’ll feel healthier as well. In the process you’ll probably shed some unwanted pounds and be able to wear clothes you couldn’t imagine wearing before.

          Hairstyles. Today’s society isn’t near as uptight. Thanks to fine actresses and models, we’re not stuck in a scenario of how we should look at any age. Long or short, you can color your hair and wear it in whatever style you like. Trendy hairstyles can look good on just about anyone as long as it flatters their face. Since hair tends to get darker with age, add some highlights to frame your face. Updos, ponytails and French braids are youthful styles to try, but they may show some gray hair you’d rather not reveal. To remedy this you can wear these styles after a fresh new application of hair color, use instant color, or learn to live with it. It may not be as noticeable as you think.


Reminiscing Highschool Days: It’s embarrassing! April 2, 2008

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I usually walk on a narrow and dark street near our house (that’s the only way home!). I always speak though there is no one, just guts that there is someone following me! Almost every time! I continue walking and walking and walking and since I’m from my school, tired and dumped, I didn’t care about my feelings. When I was on my halfway home, someone jumped over me and then I shouted over my voice, “wooooaahh!” that was my brother, just fooling me. I told mom about that and she scolded my fool young brother.

 Washing my self and sleepy, I was suddenly shocked by a rat that was thrown by my younger brother in the water that I am using. I yelled on him and told him that he’s really stubborn. “I hate you” that phrase comes out in my mouth every time I’m with him.

 It was morning, 4:30AM, when I woke up. I cleaned myself, had breakfast, fixed my school things and say goodbye to my granny and mom. It was 5:15 in the morning when I’m on my way school and it was still dark outside. As always, I’m walking again on that narrow street where my brother always fools me. I sang my favorite song and smile to brighten my day. Again, I can feel someone following me, I stopped, looked and listened but no one is in there. I just said “hmfp!” to make me feel up. After several steps, I can feel that someone is near me. I counted “1-2-3” in my mind and look at my back and spanked him as hard as I can, he fell down.


 Looking down, I was shocked when I saw that it was my teacher who wanted to go with me for he’s new with the place. I felt sorry about it, telling him that he shouldn’t be like a cat which walks endlessly without any noise. He smiled at me and said that I should be a boxer and I will be great.

 At school, I kept on saying sorry. We had a quiz asking what is boxing; he is a Physical Education teacher, then he told me I should answer my name. That was it and it’s embarrassing!