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Reminiscing Highschool Days: It’s embarrassing! April 2, 2008

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I usually walk on a narrow and dark street near our house (that’s the only way home!). I always speak though there is no one, just guts that there is someone following me! Almost every time! I continue walking and walking and walking and since I’m from my school, tired and dumped, I didn’t care about my feelings. When I was on my halfway home, someone jumped over me and then I shouted over my voice, “wooooaahh!” that was my brother, just fooling me. I told mom about that and she scolded my fool young brother.

 Washing my self and sleepy, I was suddenly shocked by a rat that was thrown by my younger brother in the water that I am using. I yelled on him and told him that he’s really stubborn. “I hate you” that phrase comes out in my mouth every time I’m with him.

 It was morning, 4:30AM, when I woke up. I cleaned myself, had breakfast, fixed my school things and say goodbye to my granny and mom. It was 5:15 in the morning when I’m on my way school and it was still dark outside. As always, I’m walking again on that narrow street where my brother always fools me. I sang my favorite song and smile to brighten my day. Again, I can feel someone following me, I stopped, looked and listened but no one is in there. I just said “hmfp!” to make me feel up. After several steps, I can feel that someone is near me. I counted “1-2-3” in my mind and look at my back and spanked him as hard as I can, he fell down.


 Looking down, I was shocked when I saw that it was my teacher who wanted to go with me for he’s new with the place. I felt sorry about it, telling him that he shouldn’t be like a cat which walks endlessly without any noise. He smiled at me and said that I should be a boxer and I will be great.

 At school, I kept on saying sorry. We had a quiz asking what is boxing; he is a Physical Education teacher, then he told me I should answer my name. That was it and it’s embarrassing!


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