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is he the RIGHT one for me? April 9, 2008

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Facing the reality with this generation, there are now more single, divorced, widowed women then there married ones. Perhaps you have been dating a man who seems to have a good outlook, a hot outfits and a great personality. You keep on wondering & wanting to seek relationship advice. “Is he really the right man for me?” it’s a question that woman have been asking for ages. So here are few guidelines that might help you.

1. Is he responsible when handling conflicts?

Communication plays an important role to a successful relationship. Showing signs of withdrawing, pouting, or becomes angry when a conflict arises is a major sign of emotional immaturity. Blaming is NOT an essential also to a successful relationship; both partners need to address their problems by sharing their emotions and opinions.

2. Is your man dependable?

A man should be considerate. You should be able to know that he stands by his word & you can trust him to be there when he says he is.

3. He should know what is valuable.

If you are with a man who doesn’t cherish your love, and is only concerned with his own happiness, you should be worried! He should be willing to go beyond his own self interests. A successful relationship is maintained by both the partners by respecting & honoring their love by committing to each other’s best interests.


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