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3 Things About Traveling I Can Live Without April 14, 2008

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Going places is nice, but all good sides have a downside. We all know the drill: part of having a good time is having a downtime. So, without further ado, here are the 3 things about traveling I can live without.

1. Jet Lag – I’m sure everyone knows this. You step out of a plane, ten time zones away, it’s really bright out, but you feel like lying down and sleeping! Jet lag is caused by your body not being used to the day and night cycles in other time zones. Your body thinks the time is 11pm when it’s actually 1pm. Planes aren’t really the most comfy place to sleep in, which compounds the problem.

Not traveling by plane is a solution, but we can’t really do that. Experts have said that exposing yourself to light after you arrive can help fight sleepiness and lets your body become more used to the new time zone. Flying eastward also gives more jetlag, so take a western route if it’s possible. Taking melatonin tablets (with a prescription) to force yourself to sleep en route to wake up fresh is said to work for some people.

Many just tell you to sleep off the jet lag, and a day or two later you’re as good as new!

2. Delays – This happens in flights more than anything, but alsoflight delay happens in ships too. Your perfectly planned trip is ruined by a circumstance you can’t control, and you’re forced to cut the vacation short because you need to be at work on Monday. Pay attention to the arrival and departure boards in an airport. Call in advance to see if your flight or cruise trip is facing a problem. Book tickets months in advance, to ensure that you are on that seat. Make sure your luggage is readily inspected.

This also applies to road trips. Be well-prepared. Call whoever’s coming along to be sure they’ll be there. Double-check that you have everything to avoid last-minute flashes of “Oh, I forgot something!” Check if any roads are obstructed and if there are any detours. For that matter, plot out the best route. You’ll get there in no time!

3. Tourists – Okay, you’re a tourist yourself. What I’m talking about is the ‘tourist’, the type who snaps touristspictures of every single little thing, stopping the tour guide every few seconds to take said snapshot, or buy from a local stall, annoying the locals by asking all of them to pose or do something, or asking them to take their picture (and complain when the camera gets stolen). And let’s not forget the ones who keep complaining all the time.

You’re smarter than that. Don’t get in other people’s way, disturb only who you need to disturb. If you’re a group with a tour guide, just take note of the places you want to come back to later. Control your camera…and the eye-searing flash. Plus, most important of all, know when to stay quiet.

How about you? What do you hate most about traveling?


One Response to “3 Things About Traveling I Can Live Without”

  1. A.Ho Says:

    Well….not much can be done about the plane part…. it’s expected anyway (unless you own a private jet)

    I agree with the part about the tourists though…. that’s why I rarely go on group tours, I usually just get a package and go with a few friends of mine (get a guide book too)

    I HATE airport tax

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