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4 Quick Roads To Weight Loss May 7, 2008

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Who would not want to lose weight instantly? There are thousands of ways to lose those discouraging fats that just accumulated without you knowing it. You start to blame your job and the sedentary lifestyle that goes along with it, or perhaps that sadness that eats you up. Somehow those sad facts are true. However, you have all the will power to take control on what you should and should not. Unfortunately, food is just too tempting.

There is no shortcut in losing weight, not even those pills that promise extraordinary results. Exercise plus a well-planned diet is always the way to go. But, there are also ways to make the process faster and easier:

  1. Drink water. The recommended amount is eight glasses a day. Most people drink less than that. They mostly prefer coffee and other drinks. Basing on this fact, you should be able to separate your self from the rest. How? Drink water before, during and after eating. Drink at least one glass. So counting that, you get 3 glasses each meal. That’s a total of 9 glasses, not to mention you also need to drink when you are having a snack.
  1. Avoid eating food that is fried. Go easy on those fast foods and everything else that is deep-fried. Take note that oil equals fat. Instead, you can eat something that is grilled or steamed. Steaming food is even more preferable. It always retains the nutrients plus the real flavor. All you got to do is put some salt and pepper as well as other spices and herbs.
  1. Sleep enough or sleep more. If you have enough sleep, you will have lesser chance to crave for food. Stress from lack of sleep definitely triggers you to eat more to compensate for that time you lose to work.
  1. Let go of the bad habit. You should cut down or stop smoking and drinking. There are people who say that smoking keeps them from gaining weight. That’s because it alters the normal body activities. You should not succumb to that belief, because smoking has more downsides than keeping fats from getting into your skin. Drinking, on the other hand, encourage you to eat. Beer belly is actually a combination of too much beer and too much something to eat.

Some people have the gift to stay fit or thin. Some even have the ability to lose weight fast. However, there are others who are forever struggling with their weight. What should they do? They need to figure out what kinds of food make them gain weight. Or, when do they tend to get fat. For instance, are they emotionally down that they need food to make things better?

Losing weight is a matter of personal choice. If you don’t decide, you could never overcome your weight problem. Remember that no machine, exercise, pill or diet could help you if you don’t make up your mind. It’s always going to be your self that has the only say on your body.


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