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Your Happy Thoughts This Spring May 15, 2008

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We all have our happy thoughts throughout the year. They make things a little easier if something goes wrong. But for the spring, we have our “happy thoughts” roaming around our heads:

1. Bikini people – Not everybody goes to the beach because they want to dip and swim. We either go there to flaunt their beach bodies or go sight-seeing. We want to watch who got the body or who looks worst in their body. It makes us feel a bit of an edge, or less of an edge. But either way, we all want to hang out and see more or less.

2. Beaches – It’s too hot and we all want to cool down in some cozy, if not grand beach resorts, preferably with lots of babes and guys at their best bikini body and behavior. Everybody just want to go and party in the water or shore.

3. Spring fling – With a nice body and a positive vacation perspective, we want someone somehow to complete our little R and R. Whether it’s going to turn out to be a full-fledge relationship, or just a one night engagement, who cares! We all want to hook up. It’s actually a great time to find love or something that might sound as good as love.


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