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Secrets to adapt the lifestyles of the rich but not so famous January 23, 2008

Even if we don’t want to admit it, we all like to get wealthy even in our wildest dreams.  The lure of living with endless spending makes us work harder. By endless spending, I mean being able to put the money to where our hearts are.  Be it to material things or our causes or our passions.

But getting millions richer ain’t that easy. There are those who get it the old-fashion way, they inherit the stash,  But  not all of us have wealthy ancestors.

The rich but not so famous seem to have it all. Why? Because they can enjoy the luxuries of life without being stalked by paparazzis or frequently interviewed by entertainment magazines.

But we all can enjoy the lifestylesof the rich but not so famous without  robbing a bank or working 24/7 for the overtime pay.

1.  Be content with what you have.

Well, at least for the moment.  If from the time you were born into this world without a silver spoon in your mouth, so to speak, then at least strive to keep things as they are.  Spend with what you earn.

2. Keep the worthy friends.

Your friends are one your priceless treasures.  No amount of wealth or luxury can replace the joy having them over at dinner or being godmothers or godfathers to their children.

3. Protect your family.

When the world ends, hopefully not anytime soon, our families will be the only ones who will be there by our sides.  They are the ones who keep us grounded and strong.

4. Pursue your calling.

You are the only one who knows what your passion is.  Don’t be hesistant to pursue whatever your heart desires.

5.  Give, give, and give.

Nobody can never deny the joy in giving. Instead of yearning for what we want, work to be able to bring something back to your family or the society.

6.  Don’t be afraid to be happy.

The pessimistic in us hinders us from being completely happy in the moment. We have this fear that good things never last. There is some truth to that but the thing is, fully enjoy the moment for it may never come again, but if it will, it won’t be exactly the same.

Positivity is the key

Nothing beats a positive attitude to being rich but not so famous.  If we all have happy feelings, which is hard to feel this days, then we will have the drive to do better and one day, actually get rich, in the financial sense and in the wholistic sense.