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Places in Asia to avoid the swarming crowds February 27, 2008

Travelling to Asia more often than not means running into a massive mobs and long queues. And for those who prefer to go on a solitary vacation, this continent may not be the most ideal setting to be into. But if you’re not a wealthy recluse like Marlon Brando who had a private island in Tetiaroa in French Polynesia, then what are you to do?There are actually accommodations in certain countries in Southeast Asia that arrange museum and gallery tours and provide private tasteful and classy performances by musicians and theatre performers. These activities will certainly divert you from the hustle and bustle of the masses and the scorching heat outside.

So, you really don’t have to buy your own island to enjoy the solitude. But, it’s also an option. A two to three-days stay at one of these hotels in Asia can give you the tranquillity you’ve been longing for.


Amansara, Siem Reap, Cambodia

With the Angkor Wat as its next-door neighbour, it is the perfect place to stay to appreciate more than 6,000 priceless relics and statues reflecting the rich Cambodian culture. Less than 200 visitors and scholars are allowed to view and you can be one of the chosen few if you are a guest at the Amansara resort. The hotel also organizes private escorts as tour guides into the warehouse for the closest view of the sandstone inscriptions and sculptures from the 12th century ruins.


New Majestic Hotel, Singapore

This hotel located at Singapore’s Chinatown can give you access to its first toy museum which cradles approximately 50,000 toys. The New Majestic Hotel recently launched a dining program featuring after-hours access to the five-story building filled with vintage toys. The tots can freely roam around the robots on the fifth floor while the adults can enjoy sumptuous dinner in the midst of action figures on the fourth floor. Toy aficionados can opt for renting a whole floor or the entire museum the whole night.


Sofitel Metropole, Hanoi, Vietnam

This hotel provides exclusive viewing for it guests at the Thang Long Water Puppet Theater, a popular homegrown amusement. The Sofitel Metropole has activities that will let you learn ancient puppetry secrets. 14 puppeteers will assist you in picking and maneuvering a doll of your choice from the storage room.


St. Regis, Shanghai, China

The butlers at this hotel in Shanghai will serve as your personal tour guide to museums and galleries such as the Shanghart or to Shanghai MOCA, the city’s first contemporary art and design museum. St. Regis guests are the few people who can gain access to Chinese Painting Academy which houses works of acclaimed and budding painters way before their official displays.

Consider these hotels your own little temporary realms away from the mob. If you’re into the arts, which is averagely considered as a solitary interest, then these accommodations in the lone parts of Southeast Asia would be a haven. Travelling has evolved from just having fun to learning something and gather your thoughts and indulging on new things you don’t experience from being buried daily at work.