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5 ways to escape a nagging houseguest February 29, 2008

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I agree that no man is an island, but what if you’re staying at a place with the most nagging person? Would you save your money or your sanity?Let’s get things straight by qualifying a nagging houseguest.

One. At the break of dawn, you hear the ear-ringing sound of dishes plus the heavy sighs of your housemate who’s asking the wind of where the sugar is.

Two. Your houseguest goes to the market and comes home criticizing how small the market was, how snubbish the vendors were, how the meat was the poorest quality, how the fish wasn’t the freshest, only to find that the very things he or she complained about were the ones she actually bought.

Three. Your houseguest complains how big your plates are, how cold the water is, and the shows on your cable tv and seeing that they’re only glued to the same channel 12 hours straight.

Four. Your houseguest is constantly on the phone talking to someone at their home about a small party at the day that they will still be at your place and complaining about the costs.

Five. You go out in the rain to bu food for them only to see that they opted for a pizza delivery. Take note, you didn;t cook, you bought food outside.

And the list goes on. Bottom line, this houseguest gets into your nerves and gives you sleepless nights.

As much as possible, we all want to be the most accommodating and warm hosts but if things are really annoying, we can’t help but to wish that the days would go by faster than the jaguar so that we can have the house to ourselves again. But we can’t just kick them out, can we? Especially if their reason for a temporary stay is valid.

Maybe all we can do is to go on quick escape so as to avoid any confrontation and possible rifts. Especially if your houseguest is a family member who has a business in town and needs a temporary, costless shelter. We can’t just send them home packing. We love them to death but sometimes it is best to love them at a distance.

So, have come with steps on how we can make our temporary run away from them.

1. Go overtime at the office. I say, it would be much happier to be stressed at work and get paid for it than sulking at your houseguests endless complains on how dull your house paint is.

2. Go out on a date. Say yes to that person who has been asking you out for a month but don’t let them walk you home.

3. Go on a last minute shopping. Run to the mall after work. Buy the item you have been wanting to buy for months but keep them discreet when you arrive home so as not to attract attention.

4. Go on a trip abroad for the whole week. You may find this a bit too expensive but thanks to Luxurylink’s and Qantas’ 7-nights free stay at Australia contest, you don’t have to spend a dime.

5. Just smile through it all. At the end of the day, they will still be there so just smile through it all. The dark clouds will pass, so to speak. They will be gone, eventually.

You’ve just got to respect their space and maybe a little sweet talk can also do the trick. Just avoid any arguments and welcome them like it’s the first time (and hopefully, last) that they will be there.