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Ways on how to land your dream beach vacation without spending a cent February 12, 2008

Summer’s coming and it’s time to hit the beach.

But going to the white sand beaches isn’t like just going home for the holidays. For one, going on a beach vacation costs money, a lot. This holds true when you’re eyeing out-of-the-country beach resorts which can be pretty pricey. As they say, sometimes, the ultimate comfortability comes with a high price. But the price shouldn’t hinder us from getting into the spirit of spending a vacation along the beach.

What would make our beach vacation the most memorable is if we don’t have to dig deep into our pockets. But is this possible or just too good to happen in this lifetime? Actually, this possibility can be turned into reality through these ways.

1. Join online contests. But make sure to review the terms very carefully. These contests are usually run by travel destination sites and require you to enter some basic information such as your name and email address. And if you win, that’s the time when you’ll be giving more personally identifiable information. Luxurylink.com currently has a win-a-trip contest which features a 5-night stay for two at the beach vacation of your choice. The good thing about this contest is you can submit multiple entries after every 24 hours until March 31. To add, you won’t receive the same set of newsletters over your email after your second entry as long as you enter the same email address.


2. Participate on offline travel contests. The internet isn’t the only channel where travel contests can be found. Travel magazines do quarterly or bi-monthly contests for their readers. And the catch, also a subscription to the magazine.



3. Collect and take advantage of online travel coupons. Travel coupons function more like your regular retail coupon which you can use to get discounts online. But just make sure to also review the terms, especially on the date that the coupons can be used. Beach resort coupons already include discounts on accommodations, restaurants and other activities that are sponsored by the beach resort. Normally, the beach resorts themselves are the ones who give out their own coupons.



4. Consider Timeshare – vacation initial offerings. This is a bit tricky yet it exists. What happens is that a beach resort may call you over the phone or send a snail mail offering free accommodation in exchange that you attend their sales presentation that features their existing and up and coming properties. Main point here is they will give a free initial taste of what they have to offer which will then lure you into buying an actual time share. What you need to remember is to review the terms and conditions again and check with the Better Business Bureau and see if the transportation to the beach resort is free as well.


Some may say that we can’t have a completely-free beach vacation. I say that is true. The ways presented have conditions along the road but it all comes down that the cost will be reduced to a large sum. A free beach vacation entails clean and legally-bounded terms. And in this time of economic turmoil, a big discount is almost good as a free purchase.