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Sure-fire tricks to liberate your pets from stress February 20, 2008

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Pets also have the right to be stressed too.

As most pet lovers know and all people should know, animals do go under stress as well.


It is more pitiful to see our beloved pets just slouching in a corner and never able to say a word but we just know inside that they do have something bothering them.  Stress in pets do have a lot of complications which can be fatal if not taken cared of.  And losing a pet is something some people do take years to get over with.

Hundreds and thousands of articles have been written on how pets can reduce a person’s stress but do we think of their feelings as well?  Outward signs include restlessness, ear-banging howling, peeing more than the usual, food-dropping, out-of-the ordinary panting and drooling, coughing, shaking, trembling, dilated pupils and diarrhea.

De-stressing the pets is a way to repay them for all the unexplained joy they have given to our lives.  They have become part of our family and the bond is so strong that some regard them as their own children.  Giving them a break can do a lot of good for them.

1.    Take them to the vet.

First and foremost, a trip to the veterinarian’s office is a must.  The stress may have inflicted health complications so it’s a good move to have the vet check them out first.

2.    Tag them along on a vacation.

Just like humans, your pets need a break from the hustle and bustle.  Relaxing vacation spots contribute to their well-being. A new environment will definitely invigorate their senses.  It will also be the perfect time to bond with your pets too.

3.    Visit your nearest pet spa.

A day at the pet spa will never ever hurt your dog. The nail clipping, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning and bathing do give your pets that refreshing feeling and it will be more alleviating for them if you go hands-on during the grooming session, this will give the feeling that you truly care for them.

4.    Schedule play dates with other pets.

A good company is always a good way to de-stress your pets.  Maybe all they need is a little play time with their kind.  Just like us, no animal is an island all the time.  Socializing should be part of their calendar as well.

5.    Shower them with new pet accessories.

Why not do some retail therapy for your pet?  Maybe they just need something to chew on or cuddle with or lie on. Changing their sheets can definitely do something good.

6.    Make them eat something new.

Maybe their sick and tired of  what’s on the table, so to speak.  Try giving them new brands and see if they’ll like it.  Just don’t forget to consult your vet as well for any allergic reactions.

7.    Spend a day with them alone.

Maybe they just need your warmth and presence.  As they say, the greatest gift you can give is your time.  And this can apply to your pets too.

Just like of all us, our pets do feel stress due to a number of ways which we may never know.  They can’t really tell us what’s wrong and that’s the worst part of it.