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Non-sour graping ways to enjoy a dateless Valentine‚Äôs day February 6, 2008

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It’s T minus 8 days before the world turns red again.

And on this day, it appears that everyone is making plans for two, but what if you’re not one of those people? Would that make you unfit to celebrate the day of hearts? It shouldn’t and you ought to celebrate it just as much as someone with a date will celebrate.

I have spent the last four past Valentine’s days without a date. But those times of solitary didn’t take the hopeless romantic in me but rather made me more of a loving than a bitter person.

Since I had four dateless Valentine’s days, I was able to come up with four non-bitter ways to enjoy this very romantic day of the year.

1. Don’t find a date if nobody has come along.

Don’t force yourself to just be with someone just for the sake of being with an actual person on the date where most people have dates. A frantic search for a last-minute date with someone you don’t feel sharing a good meal with at least will just make you feel more sorry for yourself.

2. Give instead of wishing to be receiving.

The old teaching that happiness is best felt in giving is so true. Instead of sulking at the office because you don’t have somewhere to go to after work, why not spread the love and give your friends, your family or your work colleagues flowers or chocolates or anything that screams it’s Valentine’s day. When you see how their faces lit up, that alone makes it all worthwhile.

3. Pack for a luxury vacation.

This may seem the most desperate measure but it actually is the most enjoyable of all, especially if you’ve been working your hardest and you can’t recognize yourself in the mirror. Travelling solo on a luxury vacation is a way to reward yourself after being a slave driver. You’ll feel most pampered on a luxury vacation because you’ve got to enjoy all-inclusive packages such as spa treatments, outdoor sport activities and other unimaginable yet most relaxing activities that will make you feel replenished.

4. Treat your family and friends.

Valentine’s day doesn’t dictate a date for two does it? If two hours before office hours is off and nobody has asked you out, then it’s time to give your family or friends a ring and asked them to meet you some place great and have dinner. Key here is to go on a group date. Through this you’ll not feel that alone.

What’s a date anyway? Is Valentine’s day really just for couples? It is not and never should be. It is for all of us, for all of us who love and care for others and do not expect anything in return. It’s for all of us who are willing to give a part of ourselves and go out of our ways just to make others happy. Don’t go out just because you have to, go out because you want to. And even if you’re alone on this day, that’s not a reason to be bitter and put blame on someone or yourself. And what if you’re dateless on that day? You still have 364 days, rather, you have the rest of your life and the next Valentine’s days to date the one.