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3 Top ASSets that you envy May 23, 2008

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Not all women are gifted with a well-formed “behind.” Lucky for those who belong to a certain race that have such a butt. For instance, the Black Americans, they know how the guys would holler when they pass by the street. Their buttocks really are their goodies. So who are the famous bumps that make everybody wants to save up for an ass surgery:

  1. Jennifer Lopez – Rumor has it that she actually insured her big tushie. Of course, she has completely denied it. She got her buttocks all firmed up, thanks to her fitness instructor who highlighted what her momma has given her.
  2. Beyoncé Knowles – Good for Jay Z, he gets all the lumps slash humps all for himself. One of the things that make him crazy for love.
  3. Kim Kardashian – The new buttocks in town that the Papparazzi could not get enough of. Recently, she has been rumored to have some cellulite removed.

Who says skinny is the only idea of a beautiful body? Full-bodied women can compete as well. Kudos to those who reinvent the “pretty” principles! Big and bigger women are slowly coming out of their insecurities and show their ASSets. Say, the recent winner of America’s Next Top Model has some great ass… just so everybody knows.


The “Eau” differences of perfumes May 1, 2008

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Most likely we buy the fragrance that is the cheapest but smell as good as the concentrated. Generally, we think that cologne is the lesser version of the perfume. It usually means cologne equals splashing every hour, and perfume re-spraying after three to four hours or until the smell fades off. Cologne relates to freshness, while perfume represents elegance. So where are we drawing the line when we wear a fragrance? Of course, it is a matter of personal preference.

Do you want to buy a cologne or a perfume? Is a perfume the same as Eau de Parfum? Or, Is cologne short for Eau de Cologne? What about Eau de Toilette? Why is there an “eau de”? Somehow we don’t really care because it’s how it smells that matters.

Perfume comes from the Latin word “per fumum” or through smoke. Ironically, perfume is water-based so perhaps it’s all about the lasting smell like how the smoke stick on clothes. That’s why the “eau de” is added, which is a French term for “water of.” Basically, Eau de Parfum means water becoming smoke (?). It’s much clearer if the whole idea is represented by a spraying process. A spray somehow looks like a smoke.

Eau de Cologne or just Cologne. Although known to have the least composition with only 2-5% aromatic compounds or perfume oil, cologne – as popularly known – has a trademark smell, which is weak and very citrus, or at least that’s how it is originally known in Cologne, Germany. However, a lot of people will argue with that fact since there are several variety on the shelves.

Eau de Toilette. It has 5-20% aromatic compounds. It is the middle smell of between Eau de Perfum and Eau de Cologne, although there is only a slight difference with Eau de Perfum. Literally, this means that Eau de Toilette is water of toilet (?), which is not a very encouraging smell. But for the perfume makers, this mixture of scents is not too weak and not too strong. For everybody else, it’s not too expensive or too cheap.

Eau de Parfum. The most concentrated among the three types fragrance mixtures, with 15-30% of aromatic compounds. It’s highly concentrated and it lasts longer. It’s also more expensive and strong. However, it is lesser concentrated than Perfume itself, which really has that heavy nice smell.

Every house of perfumes has its own levels of concentration as well as mixtures of aromatic compounds. There are occasions that what may be Eau de Toilette in one product name could be Eau de Perfum on the other brand.

The important thing about buying perfume goes beyond choices. The fragrance has to blend in with the body chemistry. What smells good on one person may not smell that great on another, especially if it’s used for a longer period of time. That is why fragrance should be changed every six months, because eventually that glorious scent will adapt to the body and become just an ordinary smell. Worse yet, it will smell bad rather than nice.


Top 10 Most Beautiful Women In The World March 25, 2008

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Try to think over the past seconds, minutes, days, weeks, month and even a year! Which women really made your underwear fall? Many women continue to make our hearts skip a beat, year after year.

With absolutely so many beautiful women in this world, only a selected few have something special that make them stand and rise above the rest. It’s often magical and fantastic and that you can always have a tongue out of your mouth.

Over the past month, I have been looking on the internet for the most luxurious and priceless faces from far off places of the world (i didn’t have to look very far).

I based my rankings largely on the tremendous amount of searched faces, searchers, and opinions and comments from all.

Some of my selections will receive a whole-hearted compliance, others may come as a surprise, but no doubt you’ll enjoy knowing them as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Top 10 – Cindy Crawford

She never goes out of style, after all these years she still remains a sex symbol for the fashion world.

Top 9 – Elizabeth Hurley

The ultimate forgiving girlfriend is also the ultimate woman. Her sex appeal and charisma is what sets her apart.

Top 8 – Maria Grazia Cucinotta

Representing everything that is good about Italia, Maria makes us want to be a better man.

Top 7 – Angie Everhart

She is the best looking redhead to come along since Rita Hayworth. How could Sly Stallone dump such a beauty?

Top 6 – Elsa Benitez

Can she make a more beautiful girlfriend, or what? She epitomizes sophistication as much as a woman can.

Top 5 – Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine, more than any other actress in a long time, has entrapped what it means to be a glamorous movie star.

Top 4 – Heidi Klum

We are always at a loss of words when coming to the topic of Heidi Klum. What can we possibly say that you don’t know already? That she likes German sausages?

Top 3 – Elle McPherson

The Australian beauty more than any other, captures the essence of being a super model. We know we can look, but we can never touch…

Top 2 – Pamela Anderson Lee

Aside from the bombardment of e-mails from fans, no one can deny that Miss Pamela is as deserving of such a high honor as anybody, being one of the most downloaded women ever.

Top 1 – Laetitia Casta

Why? Really, do we have to answer? Just look at the picture, it speaks a thousand words. Laetitia is like a gift from God, someone that we should praise for capturing the hearts of so many men.


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    Safety tips for women travelling solo February 14, 2008

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    Solitary travelling implicates more risks than travelling in groups. More so if a woman goes on her own in a foreign place she has never been before.

    But the joy of being in solitude gives one a lot of time to reflect, to know what they truly want and just to chill out with having to think of someone else’s well-being. I know, it sounds selfish but it’s just a way of loving yourself more. It’s like one of those centuries-old love philosophy, you have to love yourself first before other love you.

    And a woman travelling solo has all the time to pamper herself. But face it, the world isn’t as safe as it was compared to a decade ago. Though women are more empowered now, there are still people who look at women as dependent and fragile being who’ll cry on a broken nail. Here are some ways to be safe for women travelling solo.

    1. Travel when the sun’s up – it is safer to travel when the sun is up and more people are on the streets. there are more places that are best to see during the day.

    2. Dress appropriately and properly – this hold true when you’re going to a conservative place and people practice a conservative lifestyle. When in Rome, do what the Romans do, right? Besides, you don’t want to draw negative attention because of what you wear.

    3. Always stuff a flashlight in your backpack – this is in case you have night adventures. Also, never forget to bring extra batteries.

    4. Let someone close to you know your itinerary – your family and friends are the most convenient people to leave your whereabouts in case something comes up.

    5. Do research of the place and avoid promiscuous places – don’t need to stress this one.

    6. Know when to tag along other women travellers – there’s safety in groups.

    7. Appear and feel confident – this is your best offense and defense. If you feel that you’re somewhat lost, then don’t appear too helpless but be brave enough to ask for directions.

    The most important thing is to be prepared on the road. Empower yourself with the tools to protect yourself and the knowledge of the places you’ll be going to by yourself.