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Top 3 things you’re not likely to save in your work email March 5, 2008

Admittedly, we spend most of our time at work rather than at home so we treat our office spaces as the extension of the house. And by making ourselves cozy at our cubicles or our own separate offices can sometimes let us do stuff that are actually better off at home.


The bosses seem to notice that too so now there’s this growing trend by both small and big companies to closely monitor in-house correspondences by their employees so as to see if they’re REALLY doing what they’re supposed to do at work.

Companies invest on email monitoring software, which are actually spyware to be brutally honest and even employ IT experts to keep a close watch at the email usages of the employees. This has been an issue for sometime now but at the end of the day, it’s their policy and they give us work and we need to work and the lawmakers are too busy campaigning and bashing each other out in the White house to work on privacy issues.

So, just to be on the safest side and to keep your jobs, here are stuff that you shouldn’t save in your work email or in your work computer.

1. Emails to friends and family – this really isn’t that bad but when it becomes too frequent, then there lies the rub.

2. Newsletter subscriptions – they may see these emails as spam and will affect the storage memory of the emails. Let’s admit, when at work we do think of going on a vacation so we subscribe to a newsletter about vacation spots or Oprah’s book club selection for the month. But, better safe them sorry, let’s just leave this at home.

3. Applications to other jobs – I know this may seem to be contained to be in the inbox of your work emails but it actually does happen, it is but natural to be scouting for better positions but just be careful for they might be offended especially if you’re corresponding with the competitor and  you might end up sacked.

This current of monitoring work emails may tend to bore things at the office a little but I guess they’re just fully utilizing the working hours. You wouldn’t want to be kicked out from the job because of a simple non-work related email, right? We would always like a graceful exit.