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10 Men You Want To Take Home To Mom May 9, 2008

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You had boyfriends. You have a boyfriend. But then the question is, “Is he worth introducing to your mother?” I bet not all of them were not that worthy enough. Here is my wish list of who I want to take home and give my mom some sugar:

Brendan Fehr – He might be the former bad boy in the TV hit series Roswell, but Brendan is every mother’s dream guy. He is grounded with his faith and conventional lifestyle. A clean-cut guy, I may say. However, he has edges like being a hardcore fan of hockey and Metallica.

    Matt Damon – He is smart, talented and even so funny. He has always this good and hero-type image on screen, which also reflects him in real life. He has been voted as the sexiest man alive for obvious reasons: looks and wits always work both ways.

    Matt Dallas – Or at least his character Kyle XY. He’s really really smart, good and everything nice. He is clueless sometimes but he only thinks of doing good to other people. He knows that the family should be kept in love and care.

    Brad Pitt – He’s too good looking, I know, but he also takes a great leap in fatherhood. Although I don’t like the part wherein he left Jennifer Aniston. But hey, take a look at him with kids. He also an advocate of good change for humanity.

    Keanu Reeves – He is always decent and not visible on the red carpet, which means that he’s not taken away by the fame that comes along with his job. He’s the all-time regular guy mom would always want to hang around.

    Scott Michael Scott – Have you seen him lately in Greek the TV series? I love his character Cappie. Not your conventional guy but he knows where he stands and definitely knows the ways how to impress the parents. He is sensible but hides that underneath all those crappy things he does. He is even very fluent in Latin, or at least Cappie is.

    Taylor Kitsch – It’s his character in Friday Night Lights, actually. Not really someone anybody would want her mother to meet. But he is willing to clean up for the love of his life. He has extraordinary determination. However, he needs to be constantly supported and loved. Cute, isn’t he?

    Wentworth Miller – Coming from a very conservative family, he is a good pick for that meet-the-parents dinner. He speaks and acts the gentleman’s language.

    James Lafferty – I notice his annoying character in One Tree Hill, which has significantly changed throughout the season. I like that in a man. He can adapt and keep up with the needed changes in his life.

    Jude Law – He is not really my first choice of guy in real life because of his reputation. However, he can surely charm mom off with his looks and accent. I would not marry him, but I would like to take him home to every dinner with my parents.