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3 Easy Ways So You Could Be A Hollywood Star May 13, 2008

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Hollywood. Who does not want to be there? Better yet, who does not want to be successful there? It’s a bloody road going to the city of angels and eventually making it big. It requires a huge sacrifice and a lot of patience. However, there are sort of shortcuts in having that celebrity skin:

  1. Take your portfolio or talent and become a waiter/waitress. Yes, some popular actors have hang around taking orders from dining patrons before they become celebrities. Think of Jennifer Aniston for starters.
  2. Stay as a waiter or waitress for awhile until you get your real break. More patience and a little more patience. While you are at it, keep an eagle eye on auditions and always be present during pilot seasons. You could get a small part that will take you further up to Hollywood success. When it’s the season, it means that there are new upcoming shows waiting to be picked up by TV networks. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.
  3. Marry a star. If you can’t make it with your talent, compromise and try hard that somebody famous might be interested in you or so.

They don’t really sound like the easy ways, but many stars took this road and get to their position. You might want to take risk and try it for your self.