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How To Gain Peace Out Of Noise May 17, 2008

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I think that silence is so expensive these days, especially in the city. I really have a hard time sleeping at night. Honks replace the crickets and the frogs. People still up and partying makes the sound of the leaves and the breeze obsolete. Sometimes it is hard to accept that the city life requires these minimum noises to call itself as such developed place.

It has been a while since I have a peaceful night. And then I have found something online that become my only solution to my “city” and shallow problem – the white noise. I have been listening to it via the Internet for some times now.

It’s so zen, or at least I find it as one. It filters those annoying sound and actually take me to a place that is silent enough for me to get a good night sleep.

It has been awhile that experts prove that the white noise can help people sleep. My theory is that, the noise has this recurring and monotonous sound that lets my mind relax, and even focus on relaxing.

Now I’m sleeping soundly. I want to share this experience, click here to listen to the white noise.