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3 Top ASSets that you envy May 23, 2008

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Not all women are gifted with a well-formed “behind.” Lucky for those who belong to a certain race that have such a butt. For instance, the Black Americans, they know how the guys would holler when they pass by the street. Their buttocks really are their goodies. So who are the famous bumps that make everybody wants to save up for an ass surgery:

  1. Jennifer Lopez – Rumor has it that she actually insured her big tushie. Of course, she has completely denied it. She got her buttocks all firmed up, thanks to her fitness instructor who highlighted what her momma has given her.
  2. Beyoncé Knowles – Good for Jay Z, he gets all the lumps slash humps all for himself. One of the things that make him crazy for love.
  3. Kim Kardashian – The new buttocks in town that the Papparazzi could not get enough of. Recently, she has been rumored to have some cellulite removed.

Who says skinny is the only idea of a beautiful body? Full-bodied women can compete as well. Kudos to those who reinvent the “pretty” principles! Big and bigger women are slowly coming out of their insecurities and show their ASSets. Say, the recent winner of America’s Next Top Model has some great ass… just so everybody knows.


Aliens Will Never Attack The Vatican May 20, 2008

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This is good. This is really good. I mean, all those Area 51, Roswell and even X-files stories. Now is not a great time to tell everybody that aliens are just a product of some Sci-Fi author’s imagination. At least the Vatican has admitted, unlike the government that consistently hides the truth about UFOs and extra-terrestrial beings. Those skulls cannot deny people of the fact anymore. It’s funny how some of the priests refer aliens as angels. Are they really those kinds of celestial beings?

The church just hopes that everybody won’t make a big deal out of it. Maybe the Vatican has some special units just like the government to make sure that everything remains confidential, but not until this day. Well, like they say the “The truth will set you free.” It’s just matter of question. Who are protecting who? Is the Vatican trying to be government 2.0 on this matter? Are they protecting humans or the aliens? Is it a world invasion? Need all the countries unite to fight this stale old truth?

Kudos to the ufologists and their mocking laugh. Ha! Whose your daddy now?! How do the people say this delicately? Shame on you? Anyway, it’s not really hard to accept the whole alien truth. Movies and TV have been so educational all the while.


How To Gain Peace Out Of Noise May 17, 2008

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I think that silence is so expensive these days, especially in the city. I really have a hard time sleeping at night. Honks replace the crickets and the frogs. People still up and partying makes the sound of the leaves and the breeze obsolete. Sometimes it is hard to accept that the city life requires these minimum noises to call itself as such developed place.

It has been a while since I have a peaceful night. And then I have found something online that become my only solution to my “city” and shallow problem – the white noise. I have been listening to it via the Internet for some times now.

It’s so zen, or at least I find it as one. It filters those annoying sound and actually take me to a place that is silent enough for me to get a good night sleep.

It has been awhile that experts prove that the white noise can help people sleep. My theory is that, the noise has this recurring and monotonous sound that lets my mind relax, and even focus on relaxing.

Now I’m sleeping soundly. I want to share this experience, click here to listen to the white noise.


Your Happy Thoughts This Spring May 15, 2008

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We all have our happy thoughts throughout the year. They make things a little easier if something goes wrong. But for the spring, we have our “happy thoughts” roaming around our heads:

1. Bikini people – Not everybody goes to the beach because they want to dip and swim. We either go there to flaunt their beach bodies or go sight-seeing. We want to watch who got the body or who looks worst in their body. It makes us feel a bit of an edge, or less of an edge. But either way, we all want to hang out and see more or less.

2. Beaches – It’s too hot and we all want to cool down in some cozy, if not grand beach resorts, preferably with lots of babes and guys at their best bikini body and behavior. Everybody just want to go and party in the water or shore.

3. Spring fling – With a nice body and a positive vacation perspective, we want someone somehow to complete our little R and R. Whether it’s going to turn out to be a full-fledge relationship, or just a one night engagement, who cares! We all want to hook up. It’s actually a great time to find love or something that might sound as good as love.


3 Easy Ways So You Could Be A Hollywood Star May 13, 2008

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Hollywood. Who does not want to be there? Better yet, who does not want to be successful there? It’s a bloody road going to the city of angels and eventually making it big. It requires a huge sacrifice and a lot of patience. However, there are sort of shortcuts in having that celebrity skin:

  1. Take your portfolio or talent and become a waiter/waitress. Yes, some popular actors have hang around taking orders from dining patrons before they become celebrities. Think of Jennifer Aniston for starters.
  2. Stay as a waiter or waitress for awhile until you get your real break. More patience and a little more patience. While you are at it, keep an eagle eye on auditions and always be present during pilot seasons. You could get a small part that will take you further up to Hollywood success. When it’s the season, it means that there are new upcoming shows waiting to be picked up by TV networks. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.
  3. Marry a star. If you can’t make it with your talent, compromise and try hard that somebody famous might be interested in you or so.

They don’t really sound like the easy ways, but many stars took this road and get to their position. You might want to take risk and try it for your self.


10 Men You Want To Take Home To Mom May 9, 2008

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You had boyfriends. You have a boyfriend. But then the question is, “Is he worth introducing to your mother?” I bet not all of them were not that worthy enough. Here is my wish list of who I want to take home and give my mom some sugar:

Brendan Fehr – He might be the former bad boy in the TV hit series Roswell, but Brendan is every mother’s dream guy. He is grounded with his faith and conventional lifestyle. A clean-cut guy, I may say. However, he has edges like being a hardcore fan of hockey and Metallica.

    Matt Damon – He is smart, talented and even so funny. He has always this good and hero-type image on screen, which also reflects him in real life. He has been voted as the sexiest man alive for obvious reasons: looks and wits always work both ways.

    Matt Dallas – Or at least his character Kyle XY. He’s really really smart, good and everything nice. He is clueless sometimes but he only thinks of doing good to other people. He knows that the family should be kept in love and care.

    Brad Pitt – He’s too good looking, I know, but he also takes a great leap in fatherhood. Although I don’t like the part wherein he left Jennifer Aniston. But hey, take a look at him with kids. He also an advocate of good change for humanity.

    Keanu Reeves – He is always decent and not visible on the red carpet, which means that he’s not taken away by the fame that comes along with his job. He’s the all-time regular guy mom would always want to hang around.

    Scott Michael Scott – Have you seen him lately in Greek the TV series? I love his character Cappie. Not your conventional guy but he knows where he stands and definitely knows the ways how to impress the parents. He is sensible but hides that underneath all those crappy things he does. He is even very fluent in Latin, or at least Cappie is.

    Taylor Kitsch – It’s his character in Friday Night Lights, actually. Not really someone anybody would want her mother to meet. But he is willing to clean up for the love of his life. He has extraordinary determination. However, he needs to be constantly supported and loved. Cute, isn’t he?

    Wentworth Miller – Coming from a very conservative family, he is a good pick for that meet-the-parents dinner. He speaks and acts the gentleman’s language.

    James Lafferty – I notice his annoying character in One Tree Hill, which has significantly changed throughout the season. I like that in a man. He can adapt and keep up with the needed changes in his life.

    Jude Law – He is not really my first choice of guy in real life because of his reputation. However, he can surely charm mom off with his looks and accent. I would not marry him, but I would like to take him home to every dinner with my parents.


4 Quick Roads To Weight Loss May 7, 2008

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Who would not want to lose weight instantly? There are thousands of ways to lose those discouraging fats that just accumulated without you knowing it. You start to blame your job and the sedentary lifestyle that goes along with it, or perhaps that sadness that eats you up. Somehow those sad facts are true. However, you have all the will power to take control on what you should and should not. Unfortunately, food is just too tempting.

There is no shortcut in losing weight, not even those pills that promise extraordinary results. Exercise plus a well-planned diet is always the way to go. But, there are also ways to make the process faster and easier:

  1. Drink water. The recommended amount is eight glasses a day. Most people drink less than that. They mostly prefer coffee and other drinks. Basing on this fact, you should be able to separate your self from the rest. How? Drink water before, during and after eating. Drink at least one glass. So counting that, you get 3 glasses each meal. That’s a total of 9 glasses, not to mention you also need to drink when you are having a snack.
  1. Avoid eating food that is fried. Go easy on those fast foods and everything else that is deep-fried. Take note that oil equals fat. Instead, you can eat something that is grilled or steamed. Steaming food is even more preferable. It always retains the nutrients plus the real flavor. All you got to do is put some salt and pepper as well as other spices and herbs.
  1. Sleep enough or sleep more. If you have enough sleep, you will have lesser chance to crave for food. Stress from lack of sleep definitely triggers you to eat more to compensate for that time you lose to work.
  1. Let go of the bad habit. You should cut down or stop smoking and drinking. There are people who say that smoking keeps them from gaining weight. That’s because it alters the normal body activities. You should not succumb to that belief, because smoking has more downsides than keeping fats from getting into your skin. Drinking, on the other hand, encourage you to eat. Beer belly is actually a combination of too much beer and too much something to eat.

Some people have the gift to stay fit or thin. Some even have the ability to lose weight fast. However, there are others who are forever struggling with their weight. What should they do? They need to figure out what kinds of food make them gain weight. Or, when do they tend to get fat. For instance, are they emotionally down that they need food to make things better?

Losing weight is a matter of personal choice. If you don’t decide, you could never overcome your weight problem. Remember that no machine, exercise, pill or diet could help you if you don’t make up your mind. It’s always going to be your self that has the only say on your body.